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About Anurakti Universes!
About Anurakti Universes!

AeroSpace is common name used for referring the Space & Aviation industry in general. Anurakti Universes! is an AeroSpace domain portal uniquely pitched as an engaging platform between the AerosSpace industry and the niche Aviation Insurance seekers and providers.

The AeroSpace Industry can be broadly categorised on the basis of its operational activities into

  • Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing activities of various Aviation products like Aircrafts and/or various Space products like Satellites & Rockets and any related AeroSpace Products;
  • Operators - engaged in rendering Scheduled & Non-Scheduled Operations around various AeroSpace assets like Airlines, Governments, Trainers, General Aviation & Other operators;
  • Service Providers - engaged in rendering of various operation and maintainance related Services for the AeroSpace assets in areas like Operational, Regulatory, Logistic, Insurance & Other areas including Training; and finally
  • Owners - refering to individuals who actually Own the various AeroSpace assets as Governments, Individuals, Groups or Companies.

Please click on the specific AeroSpace industry category link above to learn more about how you as an AeroSpace domain service seeker can best avail Aviation Insurance products and services @ Anurakti Universes!

To get more information or for any additional requirements, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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