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About Anurakti Universes!

Aviation Manufacturing is a long duration process involving high value & high risk products. The Aviation manufacturers are mainly categorised as

  • Aircraft Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing of Powered & Unpowered Aircrafts.
  • Helicopter Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing of Rotary Aircrafts.
  • UAV Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing of Unmanned Arial Vehicles.
  • Aviation Product Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing of Aviation Products (other than the Aircrafts/Rockets/Satellites themselves) like
    • Interiors of Aircrafts, Rockets;
    • Avionics - used for Operation of the Aircrafts;
    • Spares - used for Operation of the Aircrafts;
    • Accessories - used for Operation of the Aircrafts;
    • Ground Equipment - used at the Airports etc. for handling daily operational activities;
    • Fixed Assets - catering to other Miscellenous Activities.
  • Rocket Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing Space Rockets.
  • Satellite Manufacturers - engaged in manufacturing Space Satellites.

The various production phases in manufacturing of Aircrafts/Satellites/Rockets & Aviation Products are primarily categorised as

  • Under Construction;
  • Ready for Sale;
  • Testing/Demo;
  • Post Sales;
  • Ferry/Marine.

Please browse the appropriate manufacturer's category link described above to understand the various insurance products applicable and services available to you as per your requirements @ Anurakti Universes!

Please Note: While it is not cost effective to buy insurance for every possible scenario, a smarter alternative is to buy insurance for those that are likely to result in substantial financial loss. Besides the Aviation product stakeholders can purchase insurances starting from the under-construction phase to the production stage and right upto the post-delivery stage where the product might be required to be delivered to the customer's keep-location (i.e. the door-step - as in layperson's term). There are an array of Aviation insurance products available in the insurance industry to meet all such business needs.

Besides the various stakeholders having financial interest in any Aviation product canalways be protected by an insurance policy or endorsement either as the main insured or as an additional insured, provided the insurance company agrees to protect that risk and the Governing Laws allow for the same.

To get additional information or get in touch with our business team for additional requirements, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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