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About Anurakti Universes!
About Anurakti Universes!

Portfolio Management services The Portfolio Management service offering from @ Anurakti Universes! allows allows Customers greater Control & Usability by centrally managing complete details of

  • Aviation Assets like Business Jets, Helicopters, Cargo Aircrafts, Commercial Aircrafts, Militaty & Industrial-Aid Aircrafts, UAVs etc;
  • Associated Human Resources like Pilots, Crew Members, Ground Handling Staff as well as Passengers; and
  • Related Insurances for the Assets as well as the Human Resources online with quick Profile Reporting.

In addition to maintaining Portfolio of your Assets, as a Premium User, you can also maintain Portfolio of various Insurance products associated with these Assets.

As a Premium User, you also have the option of choosing Combo-Policy wrappers, which act as the main holding policy for various kinds of Insurance products available at Universes! Besides as an additional feature, you can also manage your Hull All Risk Insurances as Stand-Alone policies through the designated portfolio management feature @ Anurakti Universes!

In addition to availing the benefits of Portfolio Management of their important Aviation Assets and related Insurance Policies, premium users also get to manage all their Assets and Insurances in a very User-Friendly (Collapsable Panel based) Views like

  • Manage Portfolios by Aircrafts;
  • Manage Portfolios by Combo Policies;
  • Manage Portfolios by Hull All Risk Policies
    • As part of Combo Policies;
    • As Stand-Alone Policies;

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